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This article is provided as information only and is not intended to induce any person or persons to engage in the activities or suggestions described within this material. Any physical suggestions concerning tobacco consumption should only be performed after consultation with your doctor.

Although the facts in this article are entirely true, no misrepresentation, if any, is intended to cause harm or discredit to any other persons, organizations or companies. The names in some cases are changed to protect the innocent guilty.!!

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I am assuming since you acquired this report by your own volition that you are either a smoker and want to quit or you know someone, or have a loved one that you would like to see give up this killer habit.

This article presents the reasons why most of us starting smoking. Why I continued for 31 years and how I quit. Yes, I finally did it. Or I should say, "We did it". I'll explain this to you later in the article.


Remember the saying "COFFIN NAILS" as we pulled them out of the pack? Even in the 50's we knew they were going to do just that to us by helping to seal our coffin at an early age.

As a teenager, I remember that there were so many people that smoked. It seemed as though everyone did. A lot of my friend's parents, I remember, were hacking and coughing their lungs out every morning. They were dying of smoking related illnesses much before their time.

There were few, if any, filter or low tar cigarettes back then, and the full power and potential of all that nicotine plus tar easily satisfied the body's craving for it. Not to mention all the carbon monoxide that is associated with them.

I really wonder if people were dying from carbon monoxide poisoning and not realizing it. Carbon monoxide really does give the heart some major obstacles in pumping blood throughout our arteries. Our shortness of breath and ability to physically keep up to an activity level that we should easily have done, was another handicap we just ignored and kept on puffing.

Years ago doctors smoked their "JOE KAMELS" behind desks in white uniforms. Every magazine you picked up showed the same scene. I doubt all the cigarette makers money combined would buy an ad now showing a doctor doing that now. Thankfully doctors today have used their medical knowledge and documentation of case histories to warn us, and say "Its time to quit".


I think peer pressure in school or just wanting to look "KOOL" in the crowd, or be one of the boys was the main reason. The first few packs sure tasted like something someone dug up out of the barnyard . Oh well, after forcing myself to keep puffing I'm sure the hidden ingredient called nicotine started grabbing a hold on my body's nervous system and soon I was hooked, and hooked for a long time. My military career of 8 years and the price of 17 cents a pack didn't help.



I think there is an unfortunate association with the desire to do what your parents didn't do, and not do what they did do! What I mean here is it seems that if parents smoke, the children in most cases do not. If the parents do not smoke, the children seem to get hooked a little easier.

Not being a head shrinker or an analyst, this theory has no basis other than being food for thought.

My fathers tobacco for many years was "snuff". This was the tobacco in a round container with a metal top that you flipped off, took a pinch of it in your fingers and stuck it in your mouth behind your cheek or gums. After "borrowing!" a can from him one day I didn't get more than 5 minutes use when I realized the choice was to get sick or spit it out.


By the way my Dad made it to age 90 and beat the odds of a nursing home stay. Statistics say that 3-4 yrs. maximum is the average nursing home life span. He made it 7 years. All his assetts were used up within the first year so he had 6 years at no charge!!!! (except to the taxpayers of NY) Diabetes finally was the killer. And he never had a trace of it till the bed and no excercice brought it on. That is one vicious disease which is undermistated in the amount of damage it can do in a hurry.


Be prepared for some startling disclosures which you may or may not agree with. Your opinions to some the material presented in this article are certainly your privilege. As you read through this article, whatever your immediate reaction is, I urge you to read it through to the end. Some of you will probably be incomplete disagreement with at least a part of the method outlined which helped me to quit.


Finally here it is, the startling facts on "HOW I QUIT".

Step1:The Observation Game

For about a couple weeks, before your "Q" (quit) day,or even right now, start observing other smokers carefully. Just pause, relax, and gaze at them for a moment. Tell yourself what a rotten habit this is, dragging all that tar laden, drug laden (nicotine) & carbon monoxide into your lungs. When "Q" day comes you are going to keep doing this but just a little differently.

Step 2: Set a "Q" date


Set a "Q" (quit) date. You must make this a day when you are fairly certain you won't have any serious conflicts or unsuspecting tensions that will make you want to have a cigarette.

If your work place does not allow smoking in your building, then I'd suggest making your "Q "day, a day at work and stay inside. Enjoy an extra snack, and believe it not, do the best tension reducing exercise there is. Go for a walk.

If your day at work is tension filled, then you have no choice but to make it a "Q" day at home. Maybe you could at least start on your last day at work, or the last 4 hours. You might even consider taking a day or two of vacation.

Each day you are off them it mathematically adds up like the square effect. If you make it 2 days it's like you've made it 4. If you are off 4 days the it's like 8 and so on. Each day does make a tremendous psychological achievement and at the end of the day you should be as proud as you can be about it.

You know if you've made it through 3 or 4 days your will power and determination is enhanced by just the fact that if you give in now and "Just try one" you will hate yourself inside with the most empty feeling you'll ever have.

Step 3: Buy Cigarettes !

Go out and buy a carton of high tar, high nicotine cigarettes. We are not advertising any brand to help the manufacturers, but the stronger the better.

I remember how strong the ones that JOE KAMEL smoked, the ones without the filters. They were short in length but had enough kick to satisfy for a long time. Now they sell super longs with super long filters, super slims and all assortments to attract and entice you to run out and buy them before the commercial ended.

The low tar, low nicotine ones took an exorbitant amount of our paycheck just to be able to buy enough of them to satisfy the body's craving for the nicotine. I think this is why I was smoking so many packs a day, just to keep my body's nicotine level at what it was with the non-filter ones of the 50's.

But there is a benefit for our government, state and cigarette makers to sell more. Naturally they make more money in taxes and revenues. So who loses. We do!

I think our powers we elected to office are finally waking up to the fact that cigarettes are biting them in the end, in health care costs for the elderly (and not so elderly!)

Step 4: Now You Can Really Smoke It Up

Take that carton of "special" cigarettes you bought and start smoking like you never smoked before. Double up. Triple up for about 2-3 dyas before you quit. What you want to do is get as much nicotine in your system as you can just before "Q" time. (Please read disclaimer at beginning of article.) We would expect that you would consult or call your doctor for an O.K. before you do this.

They are going to taste terrible, that's for sure. Your body will have so much nicotine stored up that you will only have the force of habit to fight with after you start your "Q" day. Don't forget how bad they make your mouth feel along with the rotten taste.

Step 5: It's "Q" time. Just do it!



Step 6: The Knockout Punch

Here is where you non-believers can bow out if you like and hope steps 1-5 do the trick. Good luck.!!

Yes nobody said it was going to be easy, nobody but one. "My my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Who said that? Your right, the Lord and it's recorded in Matthew 11:30.

This was the most important step for me. This is also the most powerful step to help you really do it.

Get alone in prayer with God in a quiet place and pray like you used to pray when you went to Sunday School. I'm sure most of us have done that once or twice in our lives before. Some of us still participate in our mature years. Too bad so many of us forget so soon. Tell him you need help and you know that you can't do it alone. Ask him to give you the power to break this habit. Remember the title "HOW I QUIT"? It really should be worded "HOW WE QUIT"

Step 7: Food & Drink

NO SPICY FOODS after "Q" day for a while. Pizza w/pepperoni is definite "NO NO". For years after I quit, I used to reach into my shirt pocket for the them. Eventually that habit faded away.

NO ALCOHOL. If you drink alcohol you've got another problem. Beer and cigarettes just seem made for each other don't they? If you can, try living with a non-alcoholic beverage for the critical quitting period.

If you frequent the bars I'd suggest you pass them up for as long as you can. Your resistance is going to be at it's lowest sitting on the bar stool.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. Remember? Anyway you got the message. Try it. It will work. But it does take an extreme amount of willpower, but that's why you prepared yourself for "Q" day for some time before you actually quit.

And don't forget to gaze at those smokers like you did before you quit but this time the difference is what you say to yourself now. What a rotten habit that is, dragging all that tar laden smoke and nicotine and carbon monoxide into his/her lungs. I'm glad that's not me.

My aunt always used to say if God wanted us to smoke he would have designed us with a smoke stack on the top of our heads.


Your attitude by now is hopefully conditioned so you can look at the smoker and feel a very deep rooted dislike for the habit, not the individual. But unfortunately you are going to judge them guilty by association, and you will most certainly dislike or be quite annoyed by the person who is smoking.

You must remember not to make comment or remarks to that person about his or her smoking. You will only incite a near riot or fight, and I am telling you this from first hand experience.

When I was a smoker, I had some very close relatives try to tell me to stop and I was, to say the least, furious about their comments.

It was very hard not to tell them off and to mind their own business but you've got to realize people who never smoked are for the most part very ignorant about the tremendous power nicotine has on a person.

So remember NO WORDS TO THE SMOKERS. Just move away or avoid it and remind yourself how glad you are free of that habit.


You are going to get a lot of compliments from friends and family. Be proud.

Good luck, God bless, and remember God does answer prayer for those who call on his name, beleiving. "And all things, whatever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Matthew 21:227

We have been asked by various publishers for the right to publish this article with one stipulation, that the reference to and elimination of the portion of the reference to the religious portion of the writing be eliminated or subdued. Our response was, and will remain NO.

If you have been helped at all by this writing. I would appreciate your comments whether they be positive or negative.

Please send comments to: fabmail1@gmail.com



All references to earthly persons, saying or quotes are purely

fictitious and are changed to protect theinnocent guilty

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